Light Up The Night Australia 2021

Jacaranda Water Tower, Logan City

Following up ME Awareness Month blog, I would like to share how beautifully Logan City night lit in blue. I wasn’t expecting to see them in my own eyes because I’m homebound and mostly bedbound. But my boyfriend surprised me with the spur of the moment drive. The beautiful blue light was peacefully, but unmistakeably… Continue reading Light Up The Night Australia 2021

NDIS Access Request with ME

My experience with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Access Request with ME has been confusing, frustrating, distressing, upsetting, depressing, and… You get the idea it has been a nightmare. I am going to share what I learnt from the process. I hope it will help people with ME (pwME) prepare the Access Request. This is… Continue reading NDIS Access Request with ME

ME Awareness Month initiated the Global Awareness Day for Complex Immunological & Neurological Diseases. Accordingly, 12 May is the International ME Awareness Day and May is ME Awareness Month. Blue is the awareness colour for ME. 12th of May was chosen because it’s the birth date of Florence Nightingale, who is believed to have ME. ME is… Continue reading ME Awareness Month