Light Up The Night Australia 2021

Jacaranda Water Tower, Logan City

Following up ME Awareness Month blog, I would like to share how beautifully Logan City night lit in blue.

I wasn’t expecting to see them in my own eyes because I’m homebound and mostly bedbound. But my boyfriend surprised me with the spur of the moment drive.

The beautiful blue light was peacefully, but unmistakeably lit up in the dark. I felt the light was telling me, “If you look for it, you will find us in the dark whispering to you the hope.”

This is our first participation in the Light Up the Night Australia 2021 as a part of International ME Awareness Day.

I sincerely thank Logan City Council and Bethania Community Centre for their support by lighting up the night in blue for ME Awareness Day.

Logan City Water Tower Blue Light Show

Jacaranda Water Tower
Location: Brookvale Drive, Underwood, Logan City, Queensland

Bethania Community Centre

Location: 88-118 Station Road, Bethania, Logan City, Queensland

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