1. Hi, I am from Spain. I hace ME several, but I am activicts. I would like to join yo yours.
    Thanks a lot:

    1. Hola Dharana
      Thank you for visiting our website. 🙂

      We are not an advocacy organisation, but a Not for Profit that is working to bring clinical care for people with ME in Australia.

      I suggest joining ME International who is promoting and educating about ME-ICC and its clinical guideline, ICP. They have Facebook groups and you will be invited once you become their member. Their membership is free.
      Check out their website because they have some Spanish information.

      ME International Membership Application

      Other places that may be useful for you (There are many people with ME who are sharing knowledge and experience there.):

      Phoenix Rising

      Science for ME

      All the best with your ME journey.
      I’ll see you around. 😉

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